How to be respected and trusted effectively on Machiavelist way

Il Principe Machiavelli cover book
Today I am telling to you about a thought to get respect and trust also loyalty on machiavelist way which popular as machiavelism. How to be respected and trusted effectively? Before learn it, first we should know more about who is Machiavelli?. 

Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italia 1469. His full name is Niccolo Machiavelli. He was jailed by the Medici government because blamed as a traitor. Shortly he could prove that he was not a traitor and he wrote some books such as A history of Florence, La Mandragola, The art of War and the famous book “Il principle” which was presented to Lorenzo, the son of King Piero Medici itself. The book titled “Il Principe”- 1513 (The prince) is the famous or most popular book for people who loves politic, its content give realistic perspective. It offer tricky intrique, cruel, and lie as an effective way to get power, and respected by others. Some people said that “Il Principe” become a guide book for some legendary leader such as Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Napoleon and Adolf Hitler. (posted on "How to be respected and trusted")

Ok, thats short description about Machiavelli. So let’s go to the point. How to be respected or to be well thoughts-of and trusted effectively? And giving result to make others people become ‘loyal’ through it. The answer is only two choices “To be loved” or “to be feared”. Both is an effective way belong to Machiavelli thought. Why both of them is effective?, because based on psychology it can be explained realisticly and logicaly. Let’s learn more about it.

Through love
Based on Machiavelli thought that love symbolized by materialistic thing. We give what the people needs, we give wellfare, give well paying, well attention and well disposed or kindness to others. Thousand years ago, and several times, people says that when you give love then you will get love back. Even the wild animal will love you when you give and show love to them. But, Machiavelli has different perspective about human based on the human psychology. Machiavelli said that Dont trust human absolutely and better trust to wild animal than to human being. Why? Because Machiavelli learn that wild animal thought is simple not as complex as the human being have.

Moreover, Machiavelli know that wild animal dont have Ego, they only have instinct and it runs by the natural law.  You give them food and well life then they will love and loyal to you even the dangerous thing come, you has assumed as a family member by them so they will protecting you. How about Human? Does they do the same thing? (posted on "How to be respected and trusted")

As we know that Human is an unique creature. They are unique because their complexity of thought which has moved by the Ego. By the Ego which has reslulted a freewill, Human has different thought and perspective. Machiavelli has offered some example based on the history of rebellion at his time. At that time, He said that love only works for few people which has well-educated about his obligations and rights as citizen. On my own opinion, maybe Machiavelli has realized before Abe (Abraham Lincoln) about it but Abe has stated more clearly than Machiaveli did. This is what Abe stated on his popular speech; “ Dont ask what the country can give to you but ask what you can give to the country”.

Il Principe Machiavelli old book

Through Fear,
Fear way has recommended by Machiavelli as an effective way to get respected and trusted. On his thought, basically human is naive, greedy and has fear. Why machiaveli said that human is greedy? At his time, people is never feel enough about what he has already got and they also always thirsty of chalenges. Does the human also have it nowadays, and how many people do it in this world? You can keep your answer for your material comtemplation. Next, let’s talk about fear itself based on Machiavelli thought. (posted on "How to be respected and trusted")

People has born to the world also with their fear feeling which has grown time by time and flows on their head. Machiavelli said that people will not hesitate to be a traitor, and follow the command which gave by the people who has feared by them. For him, Human is egoist because they only think what they can get then they will leaving even maybe will forget with what they has already got when the dangerous come. But, the fear will bounding him such as getting hard punishment. Does it works? You can answer by yourself If you realize that this fear method also has used by religion to bound their disciple.

Machiavelli also has given an advice when the king want to use the fear mehod because ‘the feared’ also followed by ‘the hated’. How to be feared without hated by others? The king should be strict with his law, fair when giving a punisment and dont take what the people have despotically or extremely. It means that the king should be a wise leader when he wouldn’t to be hated by their follower through fear itself.

That’s all a short explanation about Machiavelli’s thought about how to be trusted and respeted also become leader with loyal follower. Everything on this post is only for knowledge and I dont teach you to become a dictator through this machiavelist thought because we live on different time between machiavelli. 

See ya on next post....

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