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Wisnuku.blogspot.com aliases wisnu.everton.com and sc.inc.fi is a personal blog of Wisnu H Hartanto. Wisnu is an Indonesian guy who has many wild ideas to look the world in different perspective. Always ask and learn about anything that challenging and interesting, of course on his own perspective what else? :P. An interesting idea for him such as philosophy of life, computer code, social culture, history and of course tourism place which he is also interested in it.

 The explosive of internet growth in Indonesia on medio 2000 has been bringing him on virtual world. This is also helping him to get an answer about a thousand questions that couldn't answered by his teacher/guru then he has found a new Guru on internet, its name Google. Asking, discussing and learning with other internet user then finally he has decided to make some blogs. Writing on blog has a purpose to share his thoughts that has screw up on his head. He thinks before its explode and make him mad, better to share them on virtual world so the energy will transferred through blog line. (do you believe with his argument about that? :P, hope so). His motto on this virtual wolrd is 'be a good blogger, respect the author'

Furthermore information, send via email: wisnu@sc.inc[dot]fi
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