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      Today, I will share a motivational quotation from advertisement that I saw on TV last week. I don't really like watching TV programme except news programme, so maybe I was late knowing this motivational advertisement. This is 'New Kartu Halo' advertisement to promote their new brand. For your information that Kartu Halo is an old mobile phone operator in Indonesia which have an image that it is only for Old generation. It's mean that they only have old age(elder) costumers for several years ago. Through this new campaign programme, they are trying to promote it to young costumers that have a good prospect for the future because the young loves gadget especially most of them are internet user. OK, I think it's enough for the intermezzo. Let's see and analyze this advertisement (this is short version for TV advertisement): Iklan New Kartu Halo terbaru 2013

Translation from full version of kartu halo advertisement:

• “Setiap orang perlu berubah” - Everybody needs to change/transform;
• “Berubah dari pencarian… menjadi penjelajahan” - From seeking/ journey/wander;
• “Dari sekedar berangan-angan… menjadi kenyataan” - From crystallize concrete/reality;
• “Dari lambat… menjadi paling cepat” - From slow/slack ... to fast;
• “Dari bukan siapa-siapa… jadi yang teristimewa” - From nothing/ well-known/hero;
• “Dari yang terbatas… menjadi tanpa batas” - From limitless;
• “Berubah bukan hanya tambah usia, tapi semakin dewasa” - Change not only getting Old but also more mature;
• “Bukan hanya menjadi pengikut, tapi pemberi inspirasi” - Not only to be follower, but inspiring to others;
• “Berubah jadi yang terbaik” - Change/transform to be the best;
• “Berubah itu mudah” - Change/transformation is easy.
Quote from : Iklan New Kartu Halo terbaru 2013

That's sound similar with cigarette advertisement that give an image of freedom, and challenge.  The human psychology is close with freedom and challenge, it flows on their DNA. You can learn about it comprehensively through the book "Challenges to Theoretical Psychology by Wolfgang Mairs - ISTP 1997" especially on Page 200. 

Are you human being? yes you are, then you often talk of man as a being capable of making alternative choices i.e. of having the power to choose what they want as far as it doesnt harm/crash with the others. The spirit of freedom screws up on the human head and calling them to do what the spirit said. i.e. "Go ahead", "be a free", "yes, you are. Yo can do it". That sound is often or ever heard on our head, isn't it? Usually the young person is a good image to show this spirit of freedom because they are more energic and dynamic not static as the Old age do. Iklan New Kartu Halo terbaru 2013

That is why the method of using "spirit of freedom" is still effective and attractive to get more attention from people. "People need challenge, people need existentialism (read about Existentialism), people need freedom". The brand marketing are getting both costumers not only youth but also old age/elder because even the old age/elder are static after having happy family but personally they still love 'spirit of freedom', the free will, the spirit to act and do more.   

Btw, above all of that. I like this motivational quotations and all motivational qutations from others adverstisement i.e. the cigarette adverstisement. They gives energy to power up me. It's influenced me to view this life in difference perspective. My last phrase on this post: "From limited to limitless, Go ahead!!! 'n Do more !!!"

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