Volunteer's life - EVS 2009

Its unbelievable, especially for me. Almost 7 months, I have been here in Italy. I will be here for another 2 months, this is not a short time to stay and live in another country but but so far so good, I'm enjoying the life that I have. I'm one of the volunteers in Rifugio Re Carlo Alberto which located in Luserna San Giovanni (TO). My Main project is Accompany the elderly people. Through Serving and assisting the elderly people, maybe for some people this is boring and uninteresting because everyday you'll find the same activities and routines. But in fact, We are happy here. We have nice daily activities. Let's talk how to make our daily activities become more interesting especially for you that still doing voluntary programme or for them who feel bored.

Rifugio Re carlo Alberto Luserna San Giovanni Italy
Reunion with families of the elderly people in the daily center.

“Do everything with Love”,
Yeah, everything that you are doing for the other people. Do it with pure love for their pleasure and happiness. Volunteer's life is work and dedicate their life to society, so try for accentuate to society – try to be selfless*). When I did all the thing are not caused I want some profits but I did that because it gives pleasure to the others. And then I can feel the things that their feels. You have to try so you can know that feels.
The example is my daily activities with another volunteers in this project site which accompanying and assisting the elderly people. I am only use the simple and easy way to giving and spreading love to them. I give more attention, more care and more sympathetic heart to listening and helping them. Through this way, their feeling will be more relieved – I know that is work. They share their story, share everything about their emotional and family also deep feeling in their heart. They don't judge that we are from Asia, Africa or even from Europe.

Remember that I'm doing everything with pure love. Lets learn how to use love, spread and give it to others through our daily activities because more love that you given then much more you'll be have and get. It is how the work of love, the interacting between each others. It is deeply personal feeling, it is automatically work without any force. I give love to them whole-heartedly even already assume that they are as my family when I will be here for 9 months, live far away from my country-my motherland.

The Lesson that we can conclude is:
Do everything with love, the purpose in life are learning and enjoying because life is fun and glad when you know how to enjoying this life. We should get the lesson from our life then we can share it to the others.

So... Be Happy!!! Kind Greetings.....
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