Let's Doing Something Good in Our Life

Io Vivo per fare Qualcosa buona
At the end of November 2009, My anxious feeling and tired about life has led me to a very useful conversation for my life. I will always remember it, the advice from the elder people who has deeply knowledge about the meaning of life. It was in a beautiful afternoon as usually we drinks tea together which I made it special for elder people in my project site. I can not covered my anxiety in front of them. "I'm afraid when my spirit will run out before reaching my dreams or even going out because of my satisfaction after achieved my dream" I said. "Is this anticlimax of life?”.

One of them looked at me for a long time with warmth and kindness smile. “Your spirits will never run out if you keep thinking about how to refill it..." he said. "How??...that was the problem" I replied. He said "Look at this cup, then think and be sure about what do you want to fill as content of this cup and the effective tool used to help?". I looked for a long time to the empty cup, "Hah?" I replied, feeling confused. "Surely you are not going to fill it with various things that will useless" He said, "You must decide to fill it with honey, camomile, tea, or coffee but not with poison... in other words, you have to decide the focus of your life and better with useful thing". I just nodded and smiled to know it. I felt déjà vu with our conversation, but I didn't know where I've heard the same sentences before.

"That's true, we mightn't put it together... we could lose our direction" stated by another. I just laughed, laughed to my stupidity. "Well, then you will choose to refill or leave it ...?" He asked me again. I just kept silent, took a deep breath for a moment. "I've decide the contents of my cup, and choose to refill it with my spirit until overflow then I will continue it and spread to others too ...Non Voglio Vivere per Niente". "Si, Io vivo per fare qualcosa buona anche morire per lasciare qualcosa..."I added my statement because lives for doing the good thing so when I die, I will leaving for something too. "Of course you don't want to live like a celebrity in TV who has satisfied after achieved their dream which it's only for theirs happiness" he added. I smiled and looked at his eyes. "Yes, I can feel your high spirits as at the first time I met you," he said. We were both smiling broadly.

I grabbed the kettle of tea and then poured the warm tea into a cup which was already empty. That was my short discussion with them at the beautiful afternoon near the valley of alps, Italy.

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