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Tembang Macapat the Old java Culture

Talk About pangkur Macapat java Culture
By: Wisnu Hartanto

Let's know about Java (Jawa) Culture - Indonesia especially about Macapat,
Old Java Culture has full of philosophy story about life. It has implied in their dances, arts and songs. Hereby, I'll explain about philosophy life of java through their lyric on their's old song. The famous song in old java culture is "Tembang Macapat".

"Macapat" is come from Java's Acronym "Mocone Papat" (To read is Four - Four), Tembang = Song. "Tembang Macapat" divided into several title of song which each title will implied different meaning of java's philosophy. This songs has created by turbulence of history and culture in the land of Java.
Songs of Tembang Macapat from Java Culture:

1. Maskumambang
2. Mijil
3. Kinanthi
4. Sinom
5. Asmaradana
6. Gambuh
7. Dhandhanggula
8. Durma
9. Pangkur
11.Pocung / Pucung

According to me, "pangkur" is the best song in "Tembang Macapat" ( Macapat Java Culture ) because it give more advise about how to get better life in this world.
"pangkur" is come from java's word "mungkur" which mean set back all our desire, think about do something to society not only for ourself.
Here are some lyrics from "pangkur" song and also their translation: ( Macapat Java Culture )

line 1:
Ajining wong ing wicara,
resep sedep wijile rum aririh,
wosing sedya laras runtut,
grapyak gampang tinampa,
culing tutur tinampa datan ngelantur,
Solah bawa mung samadya,
Karyenak tyasing sasami.

Human Value is shown from their talk,
Good and pleasant to listen,
has clear meaning and placing in order,
amicable and easy to understood,
nice word and short,
attitude and style as needed,
make happy to everyone.

line 2:
Jejege janma ing nala,
pikir resik rereged den ilangi,
tindak tanduk ywa kumrungsung,
nyenyamah nyakrabawa,
apan iku karana tyas kumalungkung,
ngagungken diri priyangga,
adhakan ndeder bilahi.

Dignity of people because their mind,
think good without badness,
Doing without force of angry,
Dont disparage/to belittle and distrust the others people,
only caused by egoism/vanity,
and feel you're the best,
this is similiar to plant the seed of disaster.

If you want to listen and learn how to sing this song, You can go and check this link:

Hope you'll get some knowledge from this article Macapat Java Culture.
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