Folk story of Bali strait

Manik Angkeran

(folk story of Bali strait)

Folk story of Bali strait
by: wisnu hartanto

This is the folk story of Bali strait which a long time ago on the Daha Kingdom, Lived a Brahmana named Sidi Mantra. He was very famous for his supernatural power. From Sanghyang Widya or Batara Guru, he had a beautiful wife and prosperity. After many years later, they had a son named Manik Angkeran. 
Manik Angkeran was a strong and a smart young man but he had a bad habit. He loved to gamble and always spent his money. Then his parents soon became poor. Instead he kept on begging to his parents to give him a lot of money to pay his debts.

Sidi Mantra did not have the heart to see his son begging. Then he fasted and prayed to gods, suddenly he heard a voice that told him to meet a dragon on Agung mountain. The dragon named Naga Besuki. Sidi Mantra then went to Agung Mountain. There lived a mighty dragon with his great supernatural power. He could provide jewelries to those who could ring the bell and know the prayers to call the dragon. Sidi Mantra had the bell and he also knew the prayers.

Folk story of Bali strait : About Manik Angkeran

Sidi Mantra then said the prayers and rang the bell. Suddenly, the dragon came out and gave some jewelries that came out from the dragon's body. He was immediately brought the jewelries to home. This time Sidi Mantra wanted Manik Angkeran really to stop gambling. The son then promised. But soon he broke the promise and spent all his money. He heard from his friends that his father got the jewelries from the dragon living in Agung Mountain. He stole his father's bell then went there.

He arrived in Agung Mountain and rang the bell even he didn't know the prayers to call the dragon. But the dragon knew what Manik Angkeran wanted from him. "I will give you anything you want but you have to promise to stop gambling. Remember the KARMA !!" said the dragon, then the dragon gave him the jewelries. Manik Angkeran was very happy. Suddenly he had a bad idea. He wanted to stole all jewelries from the dragon. He cut the dragon's tail, there were many jewelries came out from the dragon. He took it and ran away. The dragon became angry and with his great power he killed Manik Angkeran.

Sidi Mantra was very sad after heard that his son was killed by the dragon. Then he asked to the dragon to bring his son back to life. The dragon agreed but they had to live in different places. After few moments, Manik Angkeran lived again. Then Sidi Mantra used a stick to make a big line between them on the ground. From the line, water flowed. From the water, a strait created. A strait which separated Java and Bali island. Now, the strait called Bali strait.

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